Internship Programs - Golang


NCCPLUS Vietnam Joint Stock Company is a software firm and IT outsourcing service provider located in Vietnam. With 9 years of experience, we specialize in mobile and web application development, cloud and microservices development, game development, blockchain development, software testing, AI and IoT, and VoIP development. We work with clients in various fields such as public administration, education, finance & banking, insurance, healthcare, retail & ecommerce, sports, and entertainment. Our mission is to constantly enhance knowledge and capabilities to meet the divergent needs of the market and become a symbol of the IT outsourcing field.


  • Participate in software application development using Go programming language (Golang).
  • Directly participate in the project: learn, analyze requirements, develop APIs, Microservices, and Restful APIs using Golang frameworks.
  • Collaborate with the systems analysis team, learn new trends, and propose development improvement ideas.
  • Build system design, design database, optimize application for maximum speed and scalability,…
  • Our senior will be responsible for your training.


  • Either Full-time or Part-time (Minimum 30hs/week but more hours is welcomed).
  • Must have a laptop with minimum requirements: 8GB Ram, SSD and i3.
  • Must have a good basic understanding of Golang, OOP (Object Oriented Programming) and Databases.
  • Good logical thinking in programming.
  • Show your senior your progress (like test or demo).


  • Will provide support during your job (can discuss more details during the interview).
  • Lunch allowance of 800,000 VND per month.
  • Potentially become an official employee with the company benefits.
  • Participating in Knowledge Sharing sessions with OpenTalk, MiniTalk weekly.
  • Enjoy all of our activities such as Company’s Birthday, YEP, Sport/Game/Code War Contest,…
  • We have these clubs for you to join: Football, Table football, Music, English, media and more.
  • The office is pleasant, and fully equipped with an attractive pantry with snacks, tea, coffee, and milo,…
  • Get advices for career development.

Working hours: Morning: 8h30 – 12h00; Afternoon: 13h00 – 17h30. Monday to Friday (Having to attend 2 OpenTalk sessions per month).